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Innovative Leadership, Accent Coffee Mug, 11oz

Innovative Leadership, Accent Coffee Mug, 11oz

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Ignite your innovative spirit with our "Innovative Leadership" Accent Coffee Mug. This 11oz mug features the inspiring words of Steve Jobs, "Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower." Each sip is a tribute to the power of innovation, urging you to lead with creativity and originality.

The mug's bold accent color adds a dash of vibrancy to its sleek design, embodying the dynamism of innovative leadership. But this mug isn't just a holder for your favorite brew—it's a symbol of leadership, a call to innovate, and a tangible reminder of Jobs's visionary ethos.

Perfect for the creative pioneers, the aspiring leaders, or anyone who appreciates a dash of inspiration with their morning coffee. The "Innovative Leadership" Accent Coffee Mug doesn't just carry your coffee—it carries Jobs's visionary wisdom, encouraging you to embrace innovation and lead with confidence, one sip at a time.


.: White ceramic with colored interior and handle
.: C-handle
.: Eye-catching color contrast
.: Lead and BPA-free

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