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Knowledge and Wisdom, Accent Coffee Mug, 11oz

Knowledge and Wisdom, Accent Coffee Mug, 11oz

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Introduce an enlightened perspective to your day with our "Knowledge and Wisdom" Accent Coffee Mug. This 11oz intellectual companion is adorned with Immanuel Kant's thought-provoking words: "Science is organized knowledge. Wisdom is organized life." Each sip is a testament to the harmonious dance between knowledge and wisdom, science and life.

This mug is more than just a vessel for your favorite brew; it's a conversation starter, a philosophical musing, a daily reminder of the balance between learning and living. The bold accent color brings a touch of vibrancy to its sleek design, a fitting representation of the vibrant interplay between knowledge and wisdom.

Perfect for the lifelong learners, the seekers of wisdom, or those who appreciate a moment of reflection with their morning cup of joe. The "Knowledge and Wisdom" Accent Coffee Mug doesn't just carry your coffee; it carries Kant's insight, urging you to seek knowledge and cultivate wisdom in your everyday life. Take a sip and savor the flavor of enlightened living.


.: White ceramic with colored interior and handle
.: C-handle
.: Eye-catching color contrast
.: Lead and BPA-free

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