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Life is Short, Color-Changing Mug, 11oz

Life is Short, Color-Changing Mug, 11oz

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Introducing our "Life is Short" color-changing mug, featuring a powerful quote by the talented Kate Winslet. This 11oz mug is not just a stylish addition to your kitchen, but it's also an interactive one.

Made with high-quality ceramic material, this mug changes color with the heat of your beverage, revealing the quote in bold letters against a stunning background. The design of the mug is both stylish and practical, with a comfortable handle and a sturdy base.

The message is clear - life is precious and fleeting, so we should make the most of every moment. So why not enjoy your favorite hot beverage in this beautiful and inspiring mug, and let Kate Winslet's words remind you to savor every moment of your life.

Order yours today and experience the magic of this color-changing mug.


.: One size: 11oz (0.33 l)

.: Black exterior and white interior

.: Heat-reactive design

.: Black C-shaped easy-grip handle

.: Hand wash only

.: Not suitable for microwaving

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